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Efesto Production

Arica y Parinacota, Angri (SA) Italy
Efesto Production

Efesto Production Srl, is a young and dynamic corporate reality that working in the field of aluminium structure; It born in 2005, from the will and stubbornness of Fabbricatore Bernardo, ,the founder, It is the result of a long experience in the filed of aluminium construction. 
Efesto Production is pleased to present the components that characterize and enrich the product belonging to Trusses Line : 
Aluminium Trusses 
Aluminium modular Structures for entertainment, events and installation. 
In January 2010 Efesto moved to Angri , in Salerno, in a builiding which extends on an area of 10.000 mq, and 3.500 mq of them are covered. Efesto's laboratory consist of technical-administrative office , production area and large warehouses.

This new working space was chosen for the productive needs increasingly diverse and steadily growing , for the commercial needs of a unpredicatble market and for the difficulties to manage the products particularly voluminous (actually Efesto also produces trusses intendent to configuration higly ambitious in terms of size, spans and performs, as the Ground support ) .

The company, at the center of industrial pool, succeeds, between typical difficultes into new settlements and self-financing, to enhance its commercial, productive and technical structure, concentrating on the production of aluminum structures of small and large dimensions that are used into television studios, theater and in everything related to exhibition and trade show.
Today EFESTO is uone of the most dynamic companies to project and create new aluminium products and structures for entertainment and exhibition world

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